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We have no time to waste

While I was scrabbling to take a decent selfie at London King's Cross Stationwith the Jurassic World dinosaur for our #JuneGiveaway yesterday. A young couple approached me and offered help. After taking this photo, they asked the significance of the sign. I explained.

The young girl looked sheepishly at me and said she knew a kid with Duchenne at school. I asked her how old he was, she said he died at 10.

10, not late 20s, or 30s, but 10.

That is not good enough for me, and that is exactly why I am posting this a day early. We don't have time to wait.


June giveaway!

1. Donate £5 to Input "June giveaway", in message field. 2. Take a photo with @strongforsamson @ActionDuchenne sign everyday for the first 20 day days of the month. 3. Post the pictures on your FB timeline everyday, with @ strongforsamson @Actionduchenne in the comments. 4. Live draw will be held by Samson towards the end of the month. 5.Prizes will also be given for the most original and furthest global distance pictures. Ensure your post settings are set to public.

Let's raise the profile of both Action Duchenne and Strong for Samson

Let's have some fun! Good luck. #woodenhillcoffee #blackcatfarmshop

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