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#shaveforsamson Showing the kids its ok to be different

I thought it was a great idea and was chuffed to bits when the Head agreed and I took the bike in.

Samson, on the other hand was not quite so chuffed! He was absolutely dead against using his balance bike at playtime. After a bit of gentle probing, he confided in me that he doesn't want to use the bike as he doesn't want to feel 'different'.

We always talk about different being great, difference being what makes the world interesting. Who wants to blend in anyway!!? But I guess Sams does, or maybe he feels he should. I realised I needed to SHOW him that being different is good. That you can style it out.

I thought to myself, what do I have that is a really big part of me, that if I lost it, would be a significant change, but also one I could 'style out'. I'm pretty average, a bit taller and wider than most, but I can't change that all overnight (and it wouldn't be that unusual, in fact I'd probably fit more into social stereotypes if I did shrink a bit!).

I needed to do something severe that would really deliver the message to Sams (and the other two also!) that different is OK.

So, I decided. The thing that has been my signature all my life, only really changing dramatically when I had the kids (to avoid the pulling of little hands). The thing that I have relied on for physical confidence when my body was changing beyond recognition. The thing that has been blonde, pink, black, purple, natural, wavy, straight, curly as hell and generally the thing many people would recognise me for, is MY HAIR.

Its got to go.

Not for charity, not for money, or for any other reason than the main reason we do what we do.... Samson, Rosie and Leo. I'm going to have it cut at 4.30pm on my 40th Birthday at my house. I feel sick just thinking about it.

But the reality is that one day Samson will not have the choice on the appearance he has, and I want him to know that he will still be the same inside, that we'll still love him the same. The same way he'll love me the same with a number 2 buzzcut.

There's nothing quite as powerful as putting your money where your mouth is to show the kids something like this.

So, wish me luck, I want to get some lashes put in to 'style it out' and I'll be on the look out for some swanky head bands!!!

See you on the other side!

#shave4samson @strongforsamson

read our story here

PS I will also be donating my locks to Little Princess Trust

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