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Adapting to the changes Duchenne brings

I took the kiddos to Shepreth Wildlife Park at the weekend, and while we were there, Samson came out of the blue and told me he wanted a wheelchair. He wants one with big wheels on the back, so that he can get himself around, rather than having to rely on being pushed all the time. He said he definitely wants a handle on the back for me to push him if his arms get tired, but he wants to do it himself.

Sometimes, Samson is quite shy, maybe a bit nervous to do some things, but this showed me that he is most definitely amazing and confident in what he wants and isn't afraid to say what he wants. He will adapt to the changes in his body as time goes on, and he will use technology to enhance his awesomeness.

In those seconds, Samson filled my heart with pride, followed by an equally proud and down to earth comment from Leo, "as long as you let me have the first go, Sams".


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